Music student, saxophonist and hopeless romantic. I think that's everything.
" My best friend thanks me for my support
as though sacrificing my time
when their personal clocks need rewound
is an act of selflessness, but tell me
what is selfless about wanting to stay
and make sure the people surrounding me,
the beautiful people surrounding me,
don’t trap their sunshine behind fear or lonliness?
How could I disservice the world
by not inspiring our laughter?
What fool would ever allow herself
to be deprived of such tremendous fun?
I can’t promise that tears won’t fall on my watch
or even that I won’t ever be the cause
but I can assure you
that I will never walk away
if we have the opportunity to dance
I may not find the words
to guide a personal epiphany
but I can vow to speak words
coloured with comfort
until the path reveals itself
If all else fails,
I can only offer the best I have;
My best attempt at best friends <3 "